Feeding Therapy

Individual Feeding Therapy
12 Week Feeding Program

Does your child have decreased food variety or intake?  

Creating Pathways is proud to offer individualized pediatric feeding therapy to decrease:

  • Picky eating 
  • Food selectivity 
  • Food refusal 
  • Mealtime behaviors
  • Difficulty/Inability to chew or swallow
  • Limited self-feeding skills 
  • Coughing/Choking/Gagging with foods
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Creating Pathways Feeding Program

12 Week Feeding Program

Through this multidisciplinary (OT and SLP) 12-week intensive program your child will build confidence, trust, and progress in their feeding skills. This program is structured to include both in clinic and home engagement through assigned home program and its success is reliant on parent support and participation.

Areas of feeding that can be addressed include but are not limited to:

  • Difficulty in transition to solids, gag reflex, limited diet, food jags, feeding aversion, and tactile aversion.
  • Rigidity around foods, active or passive avoidance behaviors.
  • Disruptive feeding behaviors or social functioning within feeding context.
  • Family dynamics around mealtimes and challenges with relationships around mealtimes and feeding.
  • Seating and positioning. 
  • Utensil use and advancement.