Creating Pathways Pediatric Therapy

Guiding children and families on their pathway through life.”
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Speech/Language Therapy

Our licensed speech/language pathologists assist children in developing speech and language skills that are necessary to participate in academic and social opportunities.

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Occupational Therapy

Our licensed professionals help your child develop fine motor, gross motor, self-care, feeding and sensory processing skills.

Why Choose Creating Pathways?!

We partner with parents to support developmental progress through evidence-based therapeutic activities.

Meet the Team

Click below to read about the professionals who will be supporting you and your child on their pathway through life.  

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Our Process

Learn steps on how to get your child started in therapy.

Our Services

We provide occupational therapy, speech/language therapy, and feeding treatment!


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Where Can You Find Us?

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Our Salem Fairview Clinic

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Our Salem Madrona Clinic

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Our Albany Clinic