Clinic Policies

Holiday Closures | Weather Protocol | Attendance Policy

Observed Holidays

Creating Pathways Pediatric Therapy is closed for the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

*** Please note that if one of these holidays falls on a weekend, then it will be observed on the weekday closest to the holiday.

Example: If a holiday falls on a Sunday, Creating Pathways will be closed on the Monday after the holiday. If the holiday falls on a Saturday, Creating Pathways will be closed on the Friday before the holiday. 

Inclement Weather

Creating Pathways Pediatric Therapy does not follow school closures or delays. In cases of inclement weather, we will remain open unless otherwise communicated through phone call.

We ask that our families call if they are unable to make it into the clinic safely and we will be happy to reschedule the missed appointment.

Attendance Policy

Here at Creating Pathways Pediatric Therapy, we strive to help your children reach their fullest potential. A large part of that process includes attendance to scheduled treatment sessions, as attendance and participation in therapy services are important for your child to make progress and achieve their goals. Your child’s health insurance and our professional licensure require consistent attendance for therapy appointments as a condition of providing services. Ongoing scheduled appointments are reserved for families committed to attending regularly scheduled appointments. To maintain an ongoing therapy appointment time, your child must attend 10 out of 12 or 85% of appointments for a three-month period. Three or more missed appointments, regardless of reason, will result in loss of an ongoing scheduled appointment and your child will be moved to our Flex Schedule. Our Flex Schedule allows caregivers to call weekly for open and available appointments. The Flex Schedule is based on a first call, first served basis and allows busy families to attend when they are able.  


  • Patients are allowed no more than three missed appointments (as defined above) in a 90-day period, regardless of reason (out of town, illness, etc.) per scheduled discipline (ST/OT). They will be removed from the permanent therapy schedule and placed on the Flex Schedule.  
  • If patients cancel an appointment and reschedule for the same week, it will not count as a missed appointment. However, if the rescheduled appointment is cancelled, it will result in immediate removal from the regular schedule and your child will be placed on the Flex Schedule.  


  • Our time with your children is limited but key to meeting your children’s goals. Tardiness can be detrimental to your child’s progress. For that reason, patients who arrive more than 7 minutes late for Speech/Language Therapy will have their appointments cancelled. For skilled Occupational Therapy Services, if a child is greater than 7 minutes late to their scheduled appointment then your child will still be seen for their appointment; however, this will count as a tardy. Tardiness to 3 appointments in 90 days will result in being placed on the Flex Schedule. This is due to our inability to ethically provide adequate treatment in the time slot that is typically allotted for care. 

No Show Policy:  

A “No Show” to a scheduled treatment appointment is detrimental to your child’s forward progress. This is a missed appointment without notification or cancellation OR any appointment cancelled with fewer than 24 hours’ notice (unless due to illness or emergency). 

  • Patients are only allowed one “No Show” (as defined above) in a 90-day period. Any patient who reaches the maximum number of “No Shows” or missed appointments will be removed from the ongoing weekly schedule and placed on the Flex Schedule. They will also be placed on attendance probation until consistent attendance is demonstrated in a 90-day period.  

 In order to maintain the health of the staff and patients, a separate policy is in place regarding cancellations due to illness: 

  • Do not bring your child if they have a fever or experiencing symptoms that are contagious within a 24-hour period. Please call our office as soon as you know that your child is unable to come to their appointment due to illness. 
  • If your child shows visible signs of illness during a therapy session, their appointment may be rescheduled at the discretion of Creating Pathways staff.