Our Process

At Creating Pathways, we partner with parents to answer questions you may have regarding your child’s development and the individualized needs of your child and family. 

To start the referral process, we require a referral from your child’s doctor or pediatrician to start our intake process with a diagnosis code and reason that the child is being referred for services. 

We will complete a benefit check as a courtesy for families, but families are required to know and understand their insurance coverage for therapy services as we cannot quote or guarantee coverage. It is also the parent’s responsibility to keep track of their child’s allowed visits and communicate any additional therapy services they are receiving elsewhere for ST/OT/PT.

Once a referral is received for occupational and/or speech therapy, our intake staff will reach out to you by phone and send an electronic intake packet to gather more information about your child’s insurance coverage and developmental needs.

When the intake packet is returned, our intake staff will call you to get your child scheduled for their initial evaluation.

The evaluating therapist will use a combination of clinical observation, assessment tools, and therapeutic techniques to evaluate your child and determine their needs and qualification for therapy services.

The evaluating therapist will discuss their recommendations regarding therapy with parents during an assessment session, and you will be informed on next steps for scheduling direct therapy services.

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