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Coming in 2024

Do you experience a constant power struggle between you and your child?

Are meltdowns putting pressure on your household?

Do you feel like you have tried every possible strategy and have not seen the response you’re looking for?

Through our parent program, we can help you obtain the tools you need to…

  • Handle meltdowns through both language and sensory strategies.
  • Set up structure and routine for your child for success.
  • How to have genuine encounter moments that establish trust with your child that can lead to cooperation and a stronger bond.
  • How to relate to your special needs child.
  • Provide encouragement, build self-esteem and positive messaging.
  • Setting Limits.
  • Redirect in power struggles.
  • Figuring out the WHY to help your child cope (ABC’s of behavior).
  • Find balance in co-parenting and family dynamics.
  • Communicate with your child.
  • Mindful parenting.
  • Help your child identify their superpowers and build confidence.
  • How to communicate to your child so they understand.
  • How to parent a spirited child or deal with different temperaments.
  • How to advocate for your child’s needs.
  • And much more!
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