Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Services specialize in the evaluation and treatment for children and adolescents with fine motor, visual motor, self-care, coordination, and sensory processing challenges.

Occupational Therapy Services help children develop adaptive skills that will help them persist with challenging tasks, tolerate daily routines, and develop self-help skills; also helping children improve their coordination to develop new motor skills.

The In-Depth Assessment and Treatment Plan will help your child improve their attention, frustration tolerance, and their motivation to persist with challenging activities by making it FUN!  We address each child’s individual neurodevelopment and sensory needs and focus on treatment strategies that are functional, practical, and help meet the goals of the family.

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  • Activities of daily living (self-help skills)
  • Environmental adaptations for home and school settings
  • Feeding and oral motor needs
  • Fine motor skills
  • Handwriting skills
  • Increased visual motor and perceptual skills
  • Motor planning activities
  • Play and social skills
  • Parent training
  • School observation and strategy development programs
  • Self-regulation and attention deficit
  • Sensory integration for home and school environments
  • Strength and endurance
We also provide parent education and support that helps promote confidence in using tools and techniques across environments to help children adapt, become flexible, and learn through play!

While every child learns differently and progresses at a different rate, a child developing at a normal rate tends to hit certain developmental milestones. Access our developmental checklists as a guideline for how to track your child’s progress. If your child has not yet hit the suggested milestones for his or her age, contact our office. We can help identify whether your child might benefit from occupational therapy.

​All services provided by Creating Pathways are on an outpatient basis.

Occupational Therapy Development Checklist

Birth – 7 Years
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