Shay Copple

Shay Photo

Shay is a Licensed Speech/Language Pathologist who has been practicing speech therapy in the Willamette Valley since 2007. She holds a Master of Science in Communication Disorders from Eastern Washington University.

Prior to her opportunity with Creating Pathways, Shay spent 10 years working with children in a variety of settings including life skills and regular education classrooms, private schools, and charter schools. Shay has extensive experience working with children who are impacted by communication disorders such as autism, stuttering, apraxia of speech, cleft lip and palate, receptive/expressive language disorder, articulation disorder, and phonological disorder.

Shay has a particular passion for working with children who experience phonological dyslexia. She prides herself on the lasting relationships that she builds with children and their families. In a recent turn of events, Shay was elated when approached by the University of Oregon to help supervise and mentor graduate students during their clinical experiences.

Shay enjoys all of life’s adventures with her husband and their four boys on their small farm.